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The cloud is amazing, but it's also complex. Rubber is a tool for managing cloud services and deploying all of your app. Deploying is about a lot more than just getting your code transferred someplace. Rubber handles server creation, firewall rules, automated database backups, changing DNS entries, and zero downtime deploys. It takes care of a lot of the things you might not think of, but definitely will need.

Choose your Cloud

Create, destroy, restart, stop, and start machines on EC2, DigitalOcean, vSphere, or Vagrant. Manage servers anywhere that run Ubuntu and avoid vendor lock-in.


Manage DNS at Dyn, Route53, Zerigo, and more. Automatic database backups to S3. Declarative firewall management. Simple load balancer setup.


No custom DSL to learn. Rubber is a simple framework and tool. Experience with bash and Ruby are helpful, but not required. Configuration is done via simple YAML.

Want to learn more? A screencast is worth a thousand words. Watch Rubber in Action!
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